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August in Review

(I am so, so late with this...)



In the summer, I turn into a very boring person.  I am thankful that the weather is acting all weird-like and everything.  I haven’t had to battle many 100 + degree days this year.  The rain is awesome as well.


Right now, it is a celebration of inside activities.  Besides  the gym, I participating in a social painting activity, and I love it!


Life-wise, I am still traveling down the road of recovery. 


On My Bookshelf


I read 8 books this month which brings my total to 43 for 2014:


  • Salt & Storm: 3 stars
  • The Fire Wish: 2 stars
  • We Were Liars: 5 stars
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 1: 3 stars
  • Vampire Academy: 3 stars
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves: 5 stars
  • Gates of Thread and Stone: 4 stars
  • Jellicoe Road: 4 stars


I DNF 0 books in May:



Average rating for June: 3.7

Average rating for 2014: 3.5

Favorite Book in June: Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley

Pages Read in May: 2,721

Pages read in 2014: 14,971



On My Other Shelf:



Sailor Moon Crystal

House, MD (rewatching)

Breaking Bad (finished)




Ever After

That Thing You Do

Empire Records