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June In Review



June came and went in a flash.  It was my birthday on the 6th, so I have even more books, more totes, and spoiled myself with cupcakes and fine dining.  I celebrate my birthday all month long, and the first of July brings the end of my celebrating.  Boo.


My kind, sweet sister is a blessing, and she gave me one of the best presents, ever:



Yep. Rainbow roses.  I’ve wanted a collection ever since I saw them, and I even added it to my bucket list. She was a bit stunned at my reaction. A month later, they are currently drying, and I have a project in mind, so that I can enjoy them forever.


The new job is going well. I finally have some confidence and my management seems very happy with my performance.  One of my supervisors told me that I can never leave the company, and that I had to work with them forever. There are three things that I use as benchmarks in my life, and doing well at my job is one of them.  I’m finally on stable ground again.  I wake up every day without the fear and stress of constant failure. I needed this, and getting out of a job I loathed is making a positive impact on my everyday life.


The gym is going well.  While I was in New York, I dropped a size in pants, and I have kept it off.  I wore a shirt to work on Friday that had been a bit snug in the past, and it looked good on me. Someone took the time to tell me that they have noticed a drop in my weight.


Finally, things are smoother. I am reading more, I talk to people online, I loved BEA, I gained more control over my finances, and I am enjoying the gym. I hope this trend continues for the rest of the year. I am ready for my brighter days now.




I read 7 books this month which brings my total to 35 for 2014:


  • Raging Star: 3.5 stars
  • Imaginary Girls: 4 stars
  • All Four Stars: 4 stars
  • Belzhar: 4 stars
  • The Art of Hearing Heartbeats: 3 stars
  • Ruin and Rising: 4.5 stars
  • A Thousand Words: 3 stars


I DNF 1 books in May:

  • Talon


Average rating for June: 3.7

Average rating for 2014: 3.5

Favorite Book in June: Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Pages Read in May: 2,336

Pages read in 2014: 12,250


Television and Movies


Theatre Releases: 

  • How to Train Your Dragon 2

TV Shows:

  • Breaking Bad
  • Sailor Moon (2013 Sub)
  • Orange in the New Black Season 2