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March in Review



Spring is alive and kicking at the end of March.  My allergies have declared war on my nose, and the battle continues, even to this day.


The weather is slowly growing warmer.  I’m okay with the temperatures staying in the 70s, but I am already dreading anything in the 80s and above. Tornado season is on our doorstep, and a possible outbreak is already in the forecast.


I have nothing new and exciting to report at the moment.  The job search continues.  I’ve already suffered a long week of panic attacks due to the lack of support and care at my workplace, and I’ve started to hit the resumes and the cover letters hard. 


I’ve become addicted to Reddit.  I had an account for a year now, but I never seemed to be able to fit in with the website.  I finally found some great subreddits, and now I use it as much as I use Booklikes and Facebook. 




I read 5 books this month which brings my total to 17 for 2014. 

I DNF 0 books in February.

Average rating for February: 3.31

Average rating for 2014: 3.5

Favorite Book in February: White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick

Pages Read in February: 1,987

Pages read in 2014: 5,952


Television and Movies


Theatre Releases: None

Rentals:  None

Rewatched:  Dragonball Z – Ocean Dub

I bought:  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 




This month, here are the top songs on my playlist:


I am currently going through a 90s flashback period at the moment.


Then You Looked at Me by Celine Dion  


Can’t Let Go – Mariah Carey 


Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms 


And a Classical Stage as well:


Fanfare for the Common Man – Aaron Copeland 


New World Symphony – Dvorak 


Someone who loves me bought me the DBZ Ocean dubbed collection, so Dragonball music is on my mind at the moment:


Chala Head Chala -  Hironobu Kageyama 


The Braveheart Challenges the Strong 


A Message From the Future – KUKO