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Book Review of Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama

Monstrous Beauty - Elizabeth Fama

Review: When it comes to YA books, “mermaid” usually equates to “burn it”. Mentioning mermaids in the description usually sends me running far far away from said book. When Monstrous Beauty was released, I had very little interest in it. However, Wendy at The Midnight Garden highly recommended this very book, so I added it via Kindle to my reading list. I really wish I had picked this one up a little sooner than now. 



  • The world building was sweet and simple. This isn’t to say that the author slacked on her own mythology. Fama’s mermaid lore helped define her story. I enjoyed how well she seemed to cover her bases with actions and brief background explanations.
  • The characters, as a whole, made for a very interesting story. The shades in the story were, overall, the most likable. The story centered on what happened to this handful of ill-fated townspeople, and by turning the attention to the lives and the personalities of the deceased, the story transformed into a mermaid book that was not strictly about mermaids. The main character, Hester, was not the key player in the novel. Instead, Hester acted as a catalyst. Hester’s and The Other Boy’s (I can’t even remember his name) sketchy development – I can overlook it due to the brilliance of the mystery.
  • On the subject of mysteries, have to confess that I avoid mystery novels. I’m warming up to them, but…yeah. The mystery department does not seem to be my thing. I usually go mad before I solve the ending. However, I did enjoy the mystery of Monstrous Beauty and it kept me glued to the book. I enjoyed how the whole mood of the book was simply unsettling, not strictly spooky and creepy, like some mystery-fueled books.
  • Hester and Ezra. Yes, it might lean towards a touch of insta-love, but the sweet, touching budding relationship made me feel a bit on the melty side internally. Ezra just made the “Book Boyfriend” list.
  • The underwater section of the book made me slip back into The Little Mermaid mode. So awesome, and so touching.



  • I felt a little lost at times during Hester’s portion of the storyline. I’m not sure how it happened or if it was something I missed, but I was completely confused when Hester found out the mystery surrounding the church.


  • I was slightly bored with Hester’s storyline. I just couldn’t drum up the feelings for her.


  • I wanted more Syrenka!


Overall: The story was strong and straight forward. A majority of the characters were interesting and the tale was bittersweet and left me wanting more.  The mermaids are finally granted justice and the sea-witch was spectacular. However, the present-day portions were weaker compared to the historical sections. In the end, this was a very entertaining and left me with a whole load of feels.
Source: http://www.great-imaginations.com/2014/01/book-review-of-monstrous-beauty-by.html