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Book Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress - Marissa Meyer

Review: So, more than likely, this is review #2976 of this book to pop up in your feed/e-mail. This sucker is a hot one, and I can see why the entire world is bookgasming over this one. I honestly feel very intimidated to add anything to my review that hasn't popped up yet. I'll focus on the two main points of the book, since I am sure everyone has already formed a solid opinion about buying a copy.

Main point #1:

Story-wise, this one is, hands down, the strongest of the three.  Meyer is delving deeper into her universe, and the story is slowly transforming into a darker and highly complex storybook twister. This is not something unexpected, since each novel is driving towards an overall sinister and dangerous arc.  The ending of Cressgives us a glimpse into the next tale, which promises to really drag the entire Lunar Chronicles universe into a gloomy and blackhearted eclipse of happy-cheesy fun. Even Cress had a few moments of pure wickedness.  The webs are becoming tangled, the characters are becoming tested and challenged, and the ugliness of the Lunar involvement is downright nasty. 
I loved it all.
Be warned: This book is huge. It comes close to 600 pages, and there is quite a lot happening, and many new twists and subplots come rushing out.  The other books seem almost lighthearted and cloying, but don't be fooled by the transparent twists and turns from the previous two novels.
Things are getting serious in Cress, and they are about the become dead serious in Winter.

Main point #2

If I could rate off of the story alone, this would stand at 4 stars. I believe I said it best to Kara in a Google chat:
"Scarlet was my favorite character, but Cress was my favorite story."

Now here comes the unpopular portion of my review.

I found Cress, as a character, annoying and corny.  I found the same issue in Tangled: I did not care for Rapunzel whatsoever. The overly bright and cheery personality can wear my nerves thin. Meyer's Rapunzel and Disney's Rapunzel were separated at the drawing board. Both are one and the same. 
I can understand why Cress was Cress.  She is seeing the world for the first time, and never had too much interaction with the outside world.  However, I found her more idiotic than innocent, and more self-centered than naive. She just didn't work for me. The title character was the weakest part of the book, and I found the main romance highly distasteful.  

Overall, the book is a strong addition to the series, and even though I keep slapping 3 stars on the entire series (seriously, for one reason or another, I keep giving each book 3 stars), I am sad to see this series winding down and coming to a conclusion. Expect the same sugary and silly tropes in this book, but in Meyer's defense, this has become the MO for the Lunar Chronicles.

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Overall, strong story, iffy main character.
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