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Book Review of Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams [Forgotten Fridays Format}

Miles from Ordinary - Carol Lynch Williams
Lyn: I like how the same lines were repeated over and over. You know, in case I had short term memory loss. And it was great how the author jumped right in and gave us the unattainable yet now readily available cute love interest - no need to waste time with building tension or a relationship!

Kara: LOL! I know. This was one of those books that to me had no depth or feeling in the prose, and yet it should have. I should have felt something. Heck, I should have been destroyed and I didn’t give a shit. That was the worst part of it. I thought the writing wasn’t so bad (poetic, even) but it was flat and did NOTHING for me. So in that sense, I agree with you. I think because the author neglected to build characters or a relationship...well that’s why it was so dull to read.

Lyn: The writing was okay. It wasn’t bland, but I did not enjoy the story telling at all.  I really wanted to like this.  The story seemed unreal as well.  This story should have taken place over some time, but cramming it all into one day made me feel that the story was running to the finish line to win some sort of medal.

Kara: Agreed. I thought it was very ODD how it only took place in a day. That’s not something that I would usually notice (because when you are wrapped up in a story, who does?), but I did notice--quite often, in fact--which just shows me that there was another thing amateurish about this book. I got yanked out of the story multiple times because I was either rolling my eyes or being bored to almost tears.

Lyn: I skimmed the last 40 pages. I was just done. I kept thinking, halfway through the book, “Where the hell is this going? There is still another 100 pages, is this part of a series?” I also found the entire aunt part unbelievable. There was enough besides “depression” to have the daughter taken away.
Yeah, I never really stepped inside, I was just excited to see the page numbers get bigger and bigger.

Kara: Yeah, I definitely think there was a lot more than just depression going on there. I’ve battled depression, and I still have bouts of depression from time to time. First of all, we have the Multiple Personality Disorder, but I also think there was some Schizophrenia. I’m not a doctor, but I wish we had really found out what the deal was there. Also, can we talk about the bird? Please? I know it’s a spoiler but it has to be mentioned.

Lyn: I’m thinking Schizophrenia as well - voices indicate something more. I was appalled that everyone just kept thinking, “Oh well, she’s just Angela. She won’t take her medication.” Did no one think to involve the police? Aunt Linda couldn’t get the girl when there was a history of mental illness? Lazy.

The bird just pisses me off. That was cruel. That was so mean and I started crying when I read it, because it was like “oh, poor bird.” IT FREAKING STARVED TO DEATH. THAT IS MESSED UP AND HORRIBLE.

Kara: Agreed. I thought it was lazy writing for her aunt just to leave and give up. I mean, if you really cared you would not do that. And then in the end, she comes running in like gangbusters to save the day, and I just found it so utterly unbelievable.

The bird was something else entirely. I honestly missed the part where it was bird napped from the library, so I just thought it died in there after the aunt left and moved away. Either way, it’s gross and messed up. Did the little girl not hear the bird SQUAWKING? Like, wut? It was just so STUPID. I hate to be mean but I have to, in this case. This book made no sense.

Lyn: The mom SCRATCHED OFF HER OWN FACE. I would never, NEVER leave a CHILD in the care of someone who scratched the freaking skin off her face. I’ll commit kidnapping and take the punishment if that means that I do not leave an underage person in the care of someone who follows the voice of a dead man. She could have burned down the house, for crying out loud! What if Granddaddy said to kill her (I can’t remember her name).

For the bird,  the poor thing starved to death. It would have been making some freaking noise. Starving is brutal and makes living things go mad.  It would have screamed its head off. 

Kara: YES!! YES, YES, YES! I would have gone to JAIL for a family member I cared about just to see that they were cared for. It’s so disgusting that this woman just walked away and left her with this person, who clearly was unable to take care of her! Why did she not call the police? It made absolutely ZERO sense. I agree with you. I would have kidnapped that child before I let that happen.. GRANDADDY did say to kill her! They were about to take each other out in the closet with nooses when Auntie ran in and saved the day. Just nooooooo. What a nightmare of a book.

That bird was the biggest plot hole of ALL.

Lyn: Agreed.  Restraining order? You might as well shoot me, cops, because this woman is messed up.

Oh yeah - Granddaddy did tell her to do it.

I was very very angry with the aunt. What a cop out. “It would be kidnapping.”

Yeah, try to find me, bitch.

The bird was a very huge issue. Parakeets scream, even when fed. I also just...couldn’t stomach it. Seriously, I’m getting upset right now thinking about the slow, sad death of that bird. Animal cruelty is a big issue with me.

Kara: Exactly. She must have not cared very much just to walk away like that.

I’ve owned two parrots so I totally hear you on loud-ass birds. They are not quiet, by any means. And yeah, obviously animal cruelty upsets me but I think at that point I had already tuned everything out and I was just ready to be done with this book. It was so disappointing.

Lyn: I kept waiting for the horrible conclusion of Mr. Dewey. The entire book was highly transparent and I figured that the mom stole the bird. I also figured that the book was going to end in some sort of burst of violence because of the pacing. Even prepared, the whole bird thing was just unneeded and mean.

Kara: Now that we’ve discussed all our gripes, is there anything you DID like?

Lyn: I…...no. I cannot think of anything I liked about the book. I thought I would enjoy the library talk but it seemed flimsy and seemed to be an afterthought.

Kara: Yeah. I agree. I had initially decided to give this book two stars, but after meeting with you and discussing all the issues we had with it, I’ve decided I liked it a lot less than I initially thought I did.

Lyn: I feel bad for giving it one star but....it just didn’t work out for me. There was just too much that rubbed me the wrong way. The constant looped storytelling, the rushed romance, the unanswered questions, the cowardly aunt, the damn bird. Sorry, no.

Kara: I have to agree. The characters were cardboard and completely undeveloped. The plot was repetitive and I was bored to tears, and this was a book that was UNDER 200 PAGES. This should NOT have happened. Definitely a bare bones plot as well. There was just not much there.

Lyn: It felt like pulling teeth. I didn’t want to read it.

I love a mental disorder story and I usually give it the benefit of the doubt, but this one suffered from some sadly seriously issues.

Kara: Well, we are reading Memoirs of a Geisha next, so are you ready for that? :D I can’t wait to re-read it.

Lyn: I actually always wanted to read it. I might Kindle it so that I can read it on the go. Hopefully the next book will go over better.

Kara: I hope so. But even if you don’t like it, I do know that it will raise some important issues we can discuss and debate.

Lyn: I’ll come prepared.

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