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Story of a Girl - Sara Zarr I am hesitant to flat out dislike a book, but "Story of a Girl" left me little choice. The main character, Deanna, blamed everyone else in her life for her misery, yet she never hesitates to stir up drama. She rejects her best friend because of a guy, she slept with an older guy because her recently laid off father didn't care about her, and she forces her male best friend into admitting his feelings, and flat out corners him and forces herself upon him. Mind you, this is a girl who is disgusted about rumors that are spread about her.She is self centered, petty, jealous of everyone else and is a huge burden on everyone around her. Outside from that, the book did little more but use cheap, paper thin plots to keep the whole train wreck going. The most disgusting part of the book came when the brother doesn't throw himself on his girlfriend when she colored her hair, and Deanna sided with the girlfriend because of her brother's short sightedness. So the girls in the book don't like to be treated like sluts, yet throw a fit when the guys act like human beings. I suppose the best thing to do, according to Sara Zarr, is to grope your girlfriend when she colors her hair.The icing on the cake was the horrible ending. The author simply stopped her story and tried to make it appear edgy and deep, but it came off more as "I don't know what to do so it will end here."For a subject that can be embraced by many girls, Zarr sets out to alienate and further enforce stereotypes, rather than illustrate the story in a positive, thought-provoking story.