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Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1) - Saga Berg I did not realize that this was a novella when I bought this. I was very shocked that it was so short! That was my own oversight. I have nothing against novellas, but I felt that, overall, Nordic Fairies was lacking and very flat.Nordic Fairies doles out the story, bits and pieces at a time. What was in the first part of the series was lackluster. Which is sad, since I thought the idea was very appealing. Starcrossed lovers is a fantastic guilty pleasure read. Tying into Norse mythology just added the appeal factor to the line. Sadly, I could never really connect to the people in the plot. This story read more like an outline than an actual novel. I also do not want to pay 2.99 for 36 pages. I believe that the series is up to #5 at this point. At 2.99 for 3 to 5 chapters, you end up paying around 15 bucks for this story.I am also very unclear about the world building. The audience hears a lot about assignments and the balance of the world, but we never get to see the actual assignments. The entire plot of the first book was completely muddled. The two main characters need to stay apart, OR ELSE, but that threat seems to wear off towards the last chapter.I think this author has promise, but overall, it seems that this idea was put down on paper and sold off without any real thought behind the storyline. The length didn't bother me, but the dull and cardboard characters felt like a huge letdown.