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Holes - Louis Sachar Sachar never fails to entertain as a writer. I read There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom when I was younger, and I loved the book. Holes is nothing short of amazing. This book contains humor, strength, racism, religion, and social and moral dilemmas. I applaud Sarchar's device on filling in the holes at the end of the story, but I felt left out of the grand revelations of the main characters. The author penned this story to occur in Texas. Since religion had a hand to play in the tale, I could think of no better setting, since I am a Texan myself. Sachar does not merely bring up the punishment of God, but he uses Zero as a person needing to be saved, and as Stanley as an underdog and an unlikely Christ-like figure. When he could not continue on, Stanley carried him, reflecting the famous Christian prose "Footprints". This book is aimed for a male audience, and will not fail to deliver a humorous yet fulfilling story to young adults.