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Not all those who wander are lost"

Hurt Go Happy - Ginny Rorby I want to clear up an issue I had with the rating on this story.The story itself: 5 starsJoey's personal story: 4 starsThe writing: 2 starsI did enjoy this book, and seeing a story from the point of view of a girl with hearing loss was interesting and fleshed out. The backstory about the family and how Joey lost her hearing was as touching as Charlie and Sukari's story. The ending of the book had me weeping, and I became very ill after finishing the chapter that was set in the research lab. The author did her homework. The legal aspects of the novel was well written and believable. But at times, I felt that the novel was very flat, and needed more detail. Also, during some scenes, I felt that the action was rushed or suppressed before the characters began to flesh out fully. I believe that this book is an excellent addition to a classroom library. I believe that the compassion and struggles displayed in the story will connect just as well with a younger audience.