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How to Steal a Dog - Barbara O'Connor This book was for a school assignment. And if had not been for that, I would not have finished this book.I will say that even though the story was touching, I believe that the protagonist and I have a personality conflict. How can Georgina make everyone around her feel so rotten, then expect everyone to make her feel better? I know she is going through so much in her life, but she is very judgmental, harsh and overall not the least bit likeable. Even the conclusion showed very little in her personal growth. And on top of that, her pleasantness at the end seemed very forced and unrealistic. Another main issue I have with the book was that I could not stop worrying about the dog, Willy. I have a cat that I love like a family member, and reading about Willy and his owner really caused my emotions to flare up. I did blame Georgina. Yes her life is bad, but does that give her to right to cause other people to suffer? Carmilla was suffering from poverty as well, but that was not enough for Georgina. She kept insisting that someone with no money owed her because her life was unfair.The last, and most disturbing complaint about the book was the constant disrespect and verbal abuse that the main character dealt out to everyone. She blames her mother for their condition, even though she had food and a place to sleep, and she continued to refer to her brother as "stupid", something that rubs me the wrong way.I do not recommend this book. If you are looking for a text that can teach children about morals, there are better written material for school age students at the library. Avoid this book.