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A String In The Harp - Nancy Bond I was a bit reluctant to read this book after reading some of the comments I saw on this website. However, I found this book to be very enjoyable, and portrayed a realistic family that is healing from a tragic loss. I enjoyed Peter's tale the most, since I found this character the most appealing. Even though he is not the main protagonist in this novel, Peter was the one character that began to grow into a likable, well rounded character. His pain in the start of the story and his acceptance of his situation and the world around him transformed the character into someone who the audience could sympathize with. The story of Taliein was a welcomed hook.What I took from the story was the element of magic. One could interpret Peter's tale as an incredible journey in time, or that the events were simply part of Peter's ability to cope with the stress in his life. Even though the ending revealed that the time warp was real, a mature reader could wonder if the people in Peter's life WANTED to believe his tale to the point that they were dragged into his unlikely tale as well. This book had a few elements that kept it from a five star rating. First, the author broke the writing rule many times above "showing, not telling". Some of the emotions were a bit flat, and the audience never fully understood the depth of sorrow felt by the Morgans. Also, Jen was a very unlikeable and bratty character. I felt that Peter, even though he was the troublesome one for the first part of the novel, was far more reasonable than Jen, who seemed to be present solely for the "voice of reason". Her character did develop, and the chicken story was a wonderful climax to the attitude of the household, but overall, Jen caused the most strife in this tale. I believe this book would be excellent for an older secondary school audience, due to some mild language. This tale is a wonderful gateway for a summer reading assignment and an introduction to mythology and folk tale.