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Luna - Julie Anne Peters This story about a transsexual boy trying to help his friends and family come to terms with his transition into his true self.The rating might seem low for such a controversial story that sheds some light on a subject often overlooked by modern literature. It is not what the story told, but instead, what it lacked. The storylines with Luna/Liam and Regan, Regan and her parents, Regan and Chris, and most importantly, between Regan and herself, caught the audience and drew the story inward. However, at times, the story was halting, and Luna came across as shallow and weak, qualities that are not flattering for someone who is fighting for their right to be a person. For Regan, her storyline with Chris was touching, yet a bit unrealistic. However, it was nice to see a girl get the hot guy for once.Overall, a good storyline, a good struggle with parents, identity, and peers.