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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver Rating: 3.5/5 starsTeen Scene meets Groundhog's Day. Sam is doomed to repeat her last day until she finds her own redemption.The novel has a wonderful concept. Samantha suffers from PBS (Popular Bitch Syndrome). Her cliquish friends torment and terrorize an entire school of less fortunate people. Sam's best friend, and ring leader of the four friends, Lindsay, is the embodiment of entitled bully. She focuses her anger and resentment on her former BFF Juliet Sykes.What I did enjoy: - The storyline was VERY compelling. I enjoyed watching Sam go from mean girl to real girl - The glimpse into the life of a popular bitch. As a reader, we were able to see the good (what little there was) of the four girls. - The story reels you in. What I did not enjoy: - I felt that no one else in the book changed or learned anything. Lindsay was never taken down long term. Even though Sam defended her and tried to build Lindsay up as an outstanding friend beneath the insecurity, she was still rude and hateful. - I was angry and annoyed to be invested in each day. I understand that it was the entire point of the book, but I found it hard to care about the characters and any development if it was all to mean nothing. The romance grated my nerves to the extreme. I would become overjoyed to see the characters I wanted together, just to watch the moments dissolve away with each new chapter. - Sam was hard to relate with. I didn't feel too upset about the ending. I was over the storyline by the time the closure rolled around.I find that Lauren Oliver is a wonderful writer, and I look forward to reading more of her work.