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Feathers - Jacqueline Woodson I was introduced to this author during class. I liked how the author shared on her website that she wanted to write books for children who did not find anything of themselves in the standard books offered in school.Feathers does a great job trying to combine religion and faith into a lesson for children. This subject is often treated lightly, and children and young adults who struggle with a religious identity are often blamed and ostracized, especially in the Southern schools. I tend to veer away from Christianity and religion in books, but Woodson gives the subject the proper amount of dignity and skeptism.I also enjoyed Sean and how Woodson described his struggles with fitting into the hearing world. I would love to see a book from Sean's point of view.Personally, for me, it was hard to connect to the character, but the story is overall very wonderful and could be used for children who are trying to find out who they are in an ever changing world.