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Half Upon a Time - James  Riley The ending to the story really made the whole book worthwhile.However, I did have some major problems with the story.First, May was not likeable at all. She came across as spoiled and, in my opinion, not worth the trouble. Even though she was a princess, and her aire was a play upon the princess theme, her stronger points never came into play in the storyline. The ending to the book summed up her character nicely, but I still felt a bit disconnected from the story up until that point because of her attitude.The second major issue was the major writing flaws. The writer seemed to drag out portions of the book for no reason, yet rush important scenes in the book that could have used more tension and suspense. In the middle of the story, I was very unsure what I should be feeling, and I was completely lost on the direction that Riley wanted the audience to venture towards.But the saving grace of the book was the twist at the end. Riley did a wonderful job teaching the audience that they should always follow their instincts, and that clues are more reliable than hunches. Doubled with the fresh take that the protagonist is teaching the new character about the "unreal world" - and most books often do the opposite - I would say that "Half Upon a Time" was well worth the clever storyline.