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"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost"

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I didn't mean to finish this book in two days, but I did.John Green, what makes you thunk you can write one of the most beautiful love stories ever written and have have the characters find TRU LUV, but honest, heart-shattering adoration."The Fault in Our Stars" is a great, deeply moving about love and life, and what we leave behind when we pass. No one ever dies alone, and Green reflects this philosophy in his story.Many people suggest Green to me, and I find that his writing and his characters are very tasteful and highly likeable.What really makes this story wonderful is that this book reveals the truth of life and the universe, even if the truth is cold and heartless. But at the same time, living and dying can be so beautiful and infinite. Gus' character really stole the story, even though Hazel is quite wonderful in her own way. Like the main character, I slowly fell in love with Gus, and I was broken towards the end of the story. I cheered for the couple during the romantic love scene while crying at the overwhelming beauty of the celebration of the flaws of the human body. I thought a love story without the icky, gooey romantic muck was left and replaced with raw, sarcastic development of friendship and then love. The whole book, to me, was about love, and how we should feel it before we can no longer feel it. Even Van Hosen's story moved me to tears.What I really enjoyed from this novel is that my feelings were not exploited, but instead, exposed and freed. Feelings, just like pain, demands to be felt.