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Insurgent (Divergent, #2) - Veronica Roth Here it is: I did not enjoy this book.I am going to get a lot of slack for this, and I was so excited when the book released, but my excitement soon dwindled and blew away as I read the book.I believe my biggest regret for "Insurgent" was the drama. Constant, stupid drama. No one likes one another, everyone lies, everyone keeps secrets, everyone gets mad that everyone is keeping secrets, everyone is mean to one another, everyone is self centered.Then a bunch of people die throughout the book. It is okay, the book is filled with a thousand characters.Tris and Four - if I had to read one more stupid damn argument, I was going to toss the Kindle in the trash. In the entire book, all they do is fight, kiss, fight, kiss, get mad at each other, kiss. Their relationship became a dull and boring because it went no where. The relationship between these two characters slowly turned volatile and poisonous, and to be honest, both of them were completely out of line and downright stupid.I have come to dislike Tris a great deal. I washed my hands of the character when she turned into a sneaky, gutless spy, listening in on a private conversation concerning herself, then got her panties in a wad when they -gasped- talked about her behind her back! But she was the special person out of the special group! How dare they! Oh, I forgot, everyone hates poor Tris. The same girl who could not stick to one personality. She was all over the board, she was never in character because she had no character. Her self-sacrificing martyrdom began to gag my interest of the character. She mopes the whole time, then decides that her life is just too special to throw away. After endangering everyone around her. She bemoans to herself concerning her self-worth, claiming that no one would miss her. Even though her off again/on again boyfriend told her a chapter ago how much he needs her, and wants her to keep herself safe. She went above and beyond Mary Sue-ism and made a new category for herself.Tobias - He's no prize as well. I believe I will be skipping the next book. The end did not sway me to finish the series, since I felt that the BIG SECRET was just a bad attempt at creating an awesome cliffhanger.