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"All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost"

The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson Anything I said that was negative about this book - I take it back.Grief is a life of its own. It never goes away. It robs you and pays you all at once. You don't come through it as the same person."The Sky is Everywhere" is an excellent bridge for those of us who refuse to give into the sugary-sappy words that is suppose to make it "all better". The poetry and the pain of this book is like a celebration of death and grieving. I have never seen an author take a subject and turn it into a bouquet for the aching heart. I will not go into details into my own grief, but everything Lennie was feeling and saying felt like pages out of my own head. Except better written with the perfect dash of humor.This was so real. I wish that this had been a memoir instead of one of the best fiction novels I have ever read.The one big problem was the use of WTF in the writing. That just peeves me to no end.Great book, highly recommend to everyone!