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Midnight Magic - Avi I was thoroughly unimpressed with the paper-thin plot and the dull, one dimensional characters. The mystery was interesting, but nothing new or rewarding came from this book. I think my main issue stems from the author cramming Christian ideals down one's throat during the story. That became stale and downright silly. Also, the characters scoff at the idea of reason and scientific proof. I kid you not, the main character calls one of his friends mad because he believed that the Earth was round. And reason was denounced throughout the story. Mangus (wow, what a NAME! In fact, all of the names in the book were bland and seemed to come from a "Make your own fantasy name" generator) devoted his life to truth, but when he began to research the mystery of the ghost, he dismissed visiting the specter because he "did not believe in ghost."Horrible story, horrible characters, horrible dialog and horrible propaganda. Avoid.