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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs 3.5 stars.For a first time novelist, Riggs performs decently on his story. I enjoyed the spooky mood of the photographs, and the story included some sci-fi inspired elements.The Good:I really enjoyed the main character. Sarcastic yet utterly lost in life, Jacob was a perfect balance in a main character.I might be in the minority, but I really really REALLY liked Emma Bloom as well. She made the perfect female companion, with her own twisted side story, and enough sweet and tart in her personality to help hit it home with the reader.I loved the idea of fitting in the Jewish and German struggle into a sci-fi story. I believe that young adults need a story to be a bit attractive before they step up into the real history, and this book folds both aspects into the book.The photographs helped set the mood of the book. I love old photos, and the selection made by the author ran through the whole emotional gambit. The Not-So-GoodI felt that the story was spliced and put back together. The photographs set the story apart from the other YA int he field, but it was apparent that the story was built around the art. The first part of the book seemed to be set in "real time", and the latter part in "sci-fi" time. The story was nicely written, but the cracks were very easy to spot.The ending. After a drag out, overwhelming battle, the ending seemed to drag out, then abruptly stopped. I would suggest this story for those who are looking for a nice, entertaining piece of fiction.