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Dragonswood - Janet Lee Carey Dragonswood is not a terrible book, just a generic one. However, it was not a story lacking in charm and heart. Tess, the MC of this Arthur-inspired tale, overcomes domestic abuse and a witch trial lead by a self-righteous witch hunter. Despite her terrible home life, her spirits are not dampened as she seeks the most ideal man in her lie, instead of shunning all male contact for the rest of her life. Sadly, outside of being overly suspicious of the male hero (a man who, sadly, is a cookie cutter cliche of all fantasy-male romantic leads), she displays very little of a young lady who has experienced violence and abuse at the hands of the man who raised her.The role that each race plays in Carey's tale (fae, dragon, and human) takes an interesting role in the main story. The book tends to lean towards world peace and uniting through honor and alliances.Janet Lee Carey shows some real promise in the YA fantasy realm, and I look forward to any additional work by this author.