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Battle Dress - Amy Efaw Amy Efan is a wonderful author. The first book I read by her, After, was very captivating and sided on controversial in a new, contemporary twist. It was brutal, offensive, and overall, a great read. She is also a delight to speak to, and I hope that she has other projects to be released soon.So it really stabs me in the heart to dislike Battle Dress. The writing was still perfect, but Andi, the main protagonist, and I never really got along. Hell, I can’t stand her. Andi comes from a troubled background, and uses the army to better herself and rise above her troubles. Her reasons were noble, and the glimpses of her home life verified that taking the high road saved her life from misery. However, Andi’s good intensions come to a dead halt once she enters into the army. First, Andi is highly negative and hateful towards other women in the book. For example: “And I didn’t like him broadcasting the fact that I was a female. I’d rather have him – and the rest of the squad – think of me as just another one of the guys.”Because only GUYS can be tough. She doesn’t want to be thought of as a human, but as a guy, because being a girl is SO horrible. Earlier in the book, she mentions that most of the new recruits that fell behind were women during a hike, but the group also had guys as well. She only points out how horrible it was for women that girls only fall behind. But the “fat football players”, as she mentions, were untouched by her criticism. Andi’s roommate, Gabrielle, a tennis pro and cutie, and Andi was constantly embarrassed by Gabrielle’s flirting, light make up and attitude. But what about the guys who flirted with Gabrielle? Perfectly okay! Not a word said about them! Here’s the kicker: Andi gets jealous that Gabrielle did not treat Andi like a BFF and constantly spoke about her other friends at home. Andi, in one page, mentally puts down Gab and then whines that Gab isn’t treating her like a close friend.Next, we get to see Andi promote from New Cadet to New Cadet Mary Sue! New Cadet Mary Sue is the BEST at everything! And finds it acceptable to mentally talk trash about all the other women runners! And about the woes of being the BEST female cadet! Let’s take some time here to look into another huge issue about the American Way! in the book. The American Way! promotes the use of violence and war, and finds others who refuse to fight as a weakness. I’m not very proud about the American Way! record of 200 + years mostly spent at war with someone we dislike.Efaw’s writing and exclusive look into the military lifestyle could not, sadly, save this book from reading like a female-bashing war machine.