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Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy, #1) - Sarah Rees Brennan I know I am going to break some hearts when I say this: I wasn't crazy about this book.The concept was brilliant and stunning, and Brennan's imagination strikes deeply into her own mythology. Kudos for her invention and changing the playing field for her paranormal focus.The characters, however - not so brilliant. Kami was, at first, very charming and likable, but dealing with her constant wit just made her come across as shallow and flaky when she couldn't take anything serious.I dislike Jared with every fiber of my being. Kami can do much better. He goes from angry to simpering to woe is me to angry Hulk. Not very attractive.Angela never really made me warm up to her. I don't want to read about a constantly bitter person. Out of everyone in the book, I understood her reason for her attitude the most, but the revelation came too late in the book. Last, the drama in the book made me want to punch my poor Kindle right in the back-lit screen. The story was very interesting without having to wade through the middle-school level Dramapolooza. This book would have been resolved with a certain skill called communication. No one seemed to have this skill. I tried, I really, really tried. I was very excited when I bought the book.