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Thor & Loki: In the Land of Giants: A Norse Myth (Graphic Myths and Legends) - Jeff Limke Check out this review, and others, at Great Imaginations!I am sad to say that I tend to give graphic novels very little attention. When this book was given to me as a present last year, I stuck it back on the shelf and forgot that I owned it. When I began to weed out my GN and comic collection, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on my shelf. Since I am behind on my challenge, I decided it would be a pleasant and fun read. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed!This particular myth is one of my favorite Norse stories: the legend of Thor visiting Utgard-Loki and his hall of illusions. The Norse favored action and brute strength, but this tale also reflected the society’s appreciation for wisdom, humor and intelligence. I believe that the story offers an honest reflection of the values of the Viking era, and I tend to favor stories that shine a positive light upon Loki. The author kept to the original tale, only altering some minor details, such as the ending, to adapt the tale to current ideals. However, I did feel that the story was a tad bit flat. This particular story is highly humorous and very rich with morality, and the storytelling missed a part of the soul of the tale of Thor, Loki, and Utgard-Loki.The artwork was fabulous. I’ll even forgive Randall for depicting Thor as a handsome man, since the honest description of Thor paints a picture of a red-headed brute that does not please the eye. The character was red-headed, and I love the details in the chariot and the hammer. Loki was illustrated perfectly, with a wicked smile, dark hair, and an overall sinister demeanor. I actually do like Ron Randall’s work from DC, so I knew right from the start that i would be a fan of the artwork. The art is vivid and colorful. The line art doesn’t draw my eye away from the words, which is a problem I struggle to control when reading comics and GNs. The novel also provides a glossary, additional reading, a Scandinavian map, and websites for additional research.Together, Limke and Randall combined their efforts to vividly bring this Norse myth to life. The general comic audience might overlook this volume, but for the Norse lovers, this is a must-have comic to add to your own library.