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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Scarlet picks up right after Cinder, and the author wastes no time in steeping her readers back into the world of the cyborg Cinderella. I like the idea surrounding the setting, but, at times, the world building is a bit shotty. It seems that details about the history of the world is slowly delved out to the readers. I would love a little background information on the attitudes and the culture of this new world. It has a some real potential, but I always feel frustrated at the lack of world building. I also don't understand some of the logic behind the new concepts in this novel. However, I did enjoy the glimpse of the Lunar culture.Character-wise, I enjoyed the additions to the cast of characters. Wolf was a great addition to the cast, and Thorne even carried his own weight. I was a bit disappointed that Kai was thrusts to the side (even Cinder took a backseat in the sequel). The only issue I found, character-wise, was that Cinder and Scarlet's nearly identical traits and voices. Both girls shared so many qualities that I never saw a difference in how they were presented. I liked Cinder and I liked Scarlet, but I feel that we need another female role that stems away from the "angry, aggressive" female type. Don't get me wrong - I did like the novel. The second book in the series packed in more action, and the overall plot of the series seems to be set on a course. I won't lie at all: I believe that this series is about to become grittier and will begin to turn up the awesome level. I generally like the direction that plot is heading. It seems that this book is setting the scene for bigger and better things for the rag-tag group. If nothing else, this series is a fun read, and it was hard to put it down as the story progressed.In the end, I hope to see the world building start to show through for the series. I do enjoy the characters and the culture, but at times, I feel a bit disconnected from the universe inside the books. However, this series is worth the anticipation, and I am excited to see what is going to happen next for Cinder and co.