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Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1) - Kasie West “Sometimes perfection reveals the lie, ..., not the truth.”Read this review and more at Great Imaginations!I heard through the grapevine that this story was set in the heart of my homeland: Dallas, Texas. Blythe Harris confirmed this via Twitter, and off to Amazon I went to purchase a copy of the book ASAP for the Kindle (I can't get anything from Amazon physically at the moment). Even though it was a new purchase, I cheated and read it now, since I felt like I have fallen into a book rut. Whoa - what a great decision.I have gotten into the habit into "scanning" a premise so that I am not spoiled to the book. This one is best served up without any expectations. Pivot Point is a real outsider in today's paranormal market. I found the book a refreshing take on super powers versus "normal" people, and a young girl's coming-to-age story. I want to hit up one of the most complex elements of the story: Addie. Addie is a bit boring and flat. But it works for the story. Addie is a girl I could relate to, because she had no idea who she was. Addie is more like a ball of clay, ready to be shaped, instead a forced "poor me" character-type teenage girl. This is some real pain. The world seems to overwhelm Addie. Above all, she feels that a manufactured identity is her true self. I'm an older woman, so my road to self discovery is a bit shorter. But I get it - I UNDERSTAND how it feels to lose yourself, and what it means to desperately search for something to latch onto so that you can at least know something about yourself. So, Addie's bland personalty added a whole layer to the story overall.Another thing I loved about the book: the romance. Yes, it is a....weird, sorta-kinda love triangle. Don't run away, Love Triangle Haters: This is the real deal. This is a realistic, plot-driven romance. Duke and Trevor almost blended together as one guy, but as the story progressed, you could tell which guy was which, and where they stood. I finally found a perfectly balanced and heart-wrenching love story.I am a little sad that my Twitter friends did not warn me to get the tissue boxes. I am keeping this review as spoiler-free as possible, so it is a bit difficult to discuss the exact details. However, I will give a fair warning that this book will stab you right in the feels with a fork. But, boy, does it feel GOOD to hurt like this.The only issue I saw with the book was the lack of world building, and the glossed-over Dallas, Texas, culture. I wanted a little more Dallas flavoring (although, football is a religion here - that is no lie).This book is well worth it. I was a little afraid of all of those 4 and 5 star reviews on Goodreads, but there is a good reason why this one ranks so high with other readers. I HIGHLY suggest this book, and this one is going to make the top list for this year - I guarantee it.