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The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire, Book 3)

The Kingmakers - Susan Griffith What did I think?!It is over, there is not more.I might write a real review one day.But for now, here is a preview of my review:When I thought that the book was going to kill everyone I have ever loved:At each new revelation:When everyone was hurting:When Adele proved time and time again that she had a freaking backbone and even though she missed her man, she didn't go comatose:What I wanted to do to Caesar (you fucking BASTARD):Last 50 pages:The end:The few slight flaws, such as the unneeded melodrama and attempted murders were overshadowed by the lovely, complicated and completely lovely storyline of the final book in the series.I don't know how I am going to be able to move on past this series.I'm going to go cry now in my corner.