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The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

The Last Olympian  - Rick Riordan The Percy Jackson series has come to a close. Overall, the final battle excited me. But as any male author will do, her glossed over the romance at the end and gave it only a little attention, when it should have been the firecracker of the ending. Also, I miss Beckendorf and Silena. I felt sad when I realized she was the spy, but I am thrilled she had an honorary position of a hero in the final fight.Overall, the series came to a close nicely. I applaud the author for bringing in all the strings together and closing the book with no lingering questions.A happy ending was needed, and I loved watching the characters grow. I counted this 4 our of 5 due to the flat emotions during the battle, but Riordan has never been one to delve into strong feelings. I did like the fact that this book lost so much of the silly fluff that was meant for the younger audience.I am thrilled to have read this series, and I hope that he plans another Half-Blood Camp series.Bravo, Rick, Bravo!