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Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind - Sharon M. Draper Some books are like a snack - light and easy, but still enjoyable. Some books are like a meal - it gives you many ideas and concepts to chew for a few days. Then you have dessert books - not good for you, but so much fun! This book had to rate a a seven course meal."Out of My Mind" is just as clever as Melody. It has a certain finesse that so many books lack nowadays. This novel takes the reader through a life of a young girl who is trapped in her head. Her condition cerebral palsy, prevents Melody from performing so many tasks that non-handicapped people take for granted. The most appeal part of the book feast is the main dish of characters. These characters are real people, that possess good and bad qualities. Rose was a wonderful addition as the friend for Melody, and when the stakes were high, Rose didn't hesitate to push the knife into Melody's back. And just like other girls her age, Melody gets a side of bullying, and a taste of acceptance. I enjoyed this book because it was not the typical fluff about learning morals, then end of story. The problem was complex, and the reader could sympathize with both factions. Did Melody's team do what most other people would have done? Was it okay for Melody to be in the spotlight because of her advantage, when all she wanted was to fit in?Every great book, however, does have a weak point. I was worried about the aggression in the book. Melody seemed to be very cruel and tactless when she approached her bullies. And her ending reactions seemed very out of line to me. Also, a college student should not be picking on the younger elementary students. Catherine failed to model good behavior. I wanted to yell at the girls at well, but it only enforced that rude behavior was acceptable.Get a box of tissues before reading this book. You will be needing it for more than one occasion!!