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East - Edith Pattou This book the a spin off the class tale: East of the Sun, West of the Moon. The author threaded the fairy tale together with reality very nicely, however, the story lacked a certain gusto and charm that Day's Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow held. The book moved much better than Day's version, with the time and length of the story holding together much nicer than the other book. The heroine was much easier to relate to, and the length of the story (the story was set over a few years) made the tale larger than life.The ending, sadly, failed to deliver a proper pop that Day's ending held. Even though the main female character had to use her wit, the last of the tale was rushed and did not flow properly with the rest of the story.Overall, I did enjoy the book, and the description of Norway was a good introduction to Scandinavian culture. Also, the bits of real history was charming for the fairy tale feel.