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These Broken Stars

These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner These Broken Stars had a great formula: nice characters, suspenseful and possible romance, and a sci-fi subplot. I was very excited when a certain co-blogger let me hold onto it for her for a while as she caught up on her BEA reading. After I put this one down, however, I felt a little torn about my feelings for the book. It was good, but it was a little off, like cheesecake left out of the fridge for a few hours.So what was to like?* Some people like to compare this story to Titanic, and I would have to agree, to a certain point. The story centering around two people of the opposite sex as the survivors of a horrific space ship crash. The book then bleeds into a Dr. Who-ish storyline. * No Insta-love. The characters actually GOT TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER. I might have a heart attack brought on by shock.* Compassionate storyline about morals. This would come with some heavy spoilers, but I like that the authors used their novel to touch on some humanity points.* Characters were not simple cardboard cut-outs – the depth of the chartacters was a nice change of pace. * The suspense was high for the entire novel – it kept a reader guessing the entire time. So what was the problem?* The storyline depended on the overly dramatic element instead of turning the focus onto a very thrilling plot surrounding the mysteries of the novel. * Although the characters were anything but generic, I didn’t care for them overall. The contant mood swings and the sour attitude of both parties left a feeling of detachment. * The sci-fi portion was dragged a bit thin, and fell second to the romance portion. It was a bit like a soap opera set on a Star Trek script. The best way I can sum it up is like this: The plot was a bit like creating a banana and hot dog smoothie – two awesome flavors that do not taste great when blended together.This isn’t a terrible book, and more than likely, it will go over well with the majority of the YA readers out there. It is science and pulp fiction grafted together. I did like it, but I was wanting more from the book, and more of the sci-fi feeling.