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The Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)

The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale **Edit**has now decided to bash reviewers on Twitter, then makes a joke out of it when people become upset. This is the one and only book I will ever read by this author.This author Where was this book when I was a teenager? I was a little reluctant when I first began to read the story, since the start was a rushed piece about a girl and an aunt I hardly connected with, but as the story developed, Ani's character started to develop, and over time, she began to worm her way into my heart.Although it follows your typical fantasy-genre girl-meets-secret-prince, the heart and the development from a poor, spoiled weakling turned into an insightful and odd young lady made the story strike deeper into the heart of the reader. I was surprised by each turn of the book, even Geric, who I thought was the prince, then not the prince, then shocked when the author cleverly disguised his true identity. Ani is a wonderful female character with heart, personality, flaws and developed into a character that all young girls can identify with.