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Ice - Sarah Beth Durst Read this review and others at Great Imaginations!"You are brightness. You are light. I come from a world of ice."East of the Sun, West of the Moon is my favorite fairy tale, and brought me closer to Scandinavian literature. When I read the description for this book, I was all over it. I already read East by Edith Pattou and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George, so adding this to the collection of retellings only made sense. I also noticed that the last book I read (Vessel) was also written by the same author. Ice is a very...odd yet strong story. On one hand, Cassie is a likable, strong female character, and the voice of the book is very vivid. However, the clueless attitude of the characters (including Cassie), and the creepy, forced relationship made me feel highly uncomfortable at the end.What was good?With any EotS, WotM story, the female lead is the main feature. This book was no exception.I love the scientific element of polar research and polar bear conservation theme!The author took a lot of creative liberty, and it worked for the better in the story.The voice of the book helped color the details of the world. I LOVED the ice castle!The main concern wasn't the attractiveness of the female MC. And she's a red-head. WOO WOO!What didn't work?I'm a bit conflicted about the relationship between Cassie and Bear. It felt a bit uncomfortable about the approach to their romance. It was sweet how they warmed up to one another, but a forced marriage and another spoiler-heavy event was entirely creepy.It was highly squeamish.Cassie was likable and strong, but she was infuriatingly clueless at times.The story was very rushed and felt a bit flat.The god-like deities were jerks and borderline horrible. If these beings are in charge of the world, then I am moving.The mother storyline never really fleshed out.I felt that Vessel was a much stronger book than this particular one. Ice seemed to have the best intentions, and the author put a lot of work into spinning an old story into a new one, but the execution seemed fumbled and the characters went out of their way to become unlikable. Overall, not a bad read, but a bit of an uncomfortable one.