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The Humming Room

The Humming Room - Ellen Potter It has been a long time since I have read The Secret Garden, and I suppose I will have to reread it to follow up on the heels of this book. I did remember enough of the classic story to be able catch the references in Potter’s book. The Humming Room is a modern reboot of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1911 story, heavily borrowing from the same formula of the original children’s book. Potter takes great care to add in her own elements of friendship and mystery to set the book apart and prevented the story from becoming another knock-off of a classic.Roo’s character holds a certain charm from the start. Potter has to be applauded for her ability to hit right at the heart of the subject instead of mucking up the story with unneeded emotional descriptions and attempts to shove the protagonist down your throat, insisting that you will just fall in LOVE with the main character. Forcing me to like a person has the same results in fiction that it does in real life – it isn’t happening. Ever. I was relieved to find the sap deleted from the start. It is worrisome when I find small children in children’s novels. The sugary sweetness tends to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Gooey just doesn’t work for me. Potter also relies on the other strong characters to drive the story along, including the supporting male role of the story. Jack, oh, Jack, how I wish you had been given more depth to your entire character. I adored Jack’s place in the book to the point that I felt frustrated by his short appearance in the story. Potter could have easily gone deeper with the main guy.The setting was absolutely beautiful as well. The prose and description seemed to flow in a light, natural manner, and carried a very provoking and meaning message with a light touch. The premise told a grueling story at times. The author, thankfully, handled the difficult and horrifying portions with care and empathy. I have the highest praise for Potter for creating a tough story with some adult themes, and spinning it into a touching and downright sweet book.This book was short, sad to say. Potter did her magic and treated the approach with grace, but I do feel that the book could have been longer by focusing on the background stories of some of the other characters. As it stands, however, the book is lovely, and I believe this is a must-have for anyone looking to update their collection of old and new stories.