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Ruby Red

Ruby Red - Kerstin Gier I have a hard time safely judging a translated book. Ruby Red had a story grabbed you in from the start, but something about the storyline felt very muted. It was as if the audience simply skimmed the surface of the storyline, and was never allowed to see the full picture. The MC, Gwen, held her own as a typical teenage protagonist. She was down to earth and kept a very high morality about herself, despite this unnecessary berating and judgement by the other people in the story. Her aunt refers to her as just a nobody, and Gideon stated that she was nothing special. I was unsure if this was a play on irony, since Gwen stood out from everyone else from the start. She could see ghosts, and her level headed attitude is not what I would consider mediocre. Her close friend, Leslie, was highly supportive, and did nothing to outshine Gwen during her revelation of her special abilities. In fact, Leslie polished her own detective skills and became a valuable ally and confident for Gwen. However, it might have been a cultural understanding that was unable to translate into another culture. Gideon was another major annoyance. He was sadly very one dimension, and filled the typical "pretty boy to win over" role. He was downright dull. I didn't dislike him so much, but he did everything he could to not be endearing to the reader. And the insta-romance towards the end? Vomit. The storyline, on the other hand, was one of the best time traveling books I have ever come across. The author even had the sense to bring up diseases (small pox) that can be transmitted to the time traveler. The wardrobe expert role was brilliant. The author actually put some thought and care into her story. I actually enjoyed that I wanted to punch the Count in his sexist, snooty face. Even James the Ghost added a humorous yet tragic flare that set this book apart from the other Time Traveling story. The politics, the puzzle, and the explanation of past travelers reflects that the author did her homework as an author.Not exactly perfect, yet far from horrible, Ruby Red was a highly entertaining and thought provoking book. Be certain that I will be ordering the next book in the series in October.