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Godless - Pete Hautman This book has been lacking from the line up of typical teen/young adult literature that has been offered over the years. I was surprised that this book did not turn out to be sickly sweet at the end of the story. In fact, this book should become summer reading for any person of any faith. The story does touch on a hotbed subject, religion, but it goes further than the question that has been on the lips of every person: Does God exist, and what would be proof of such a great being? And how can you have faith in anything if you cannot find yourself to believe in a higher power?I was surprised that the book held so many modern references, keeping the score of the book to be higher than 4 stars. And the story line was a bit generic, but the characters in the book really carried the story. It would have been better if Hautman had made Magda a better character, beyond "the chic" stereotype - her flat, obligatory female one dimension character was perhaps the biggest flaw in the story. Hands down, this is the best religious text I have read in a long time.