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The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - 3.5 stars. I believe I was the last holdout for this book. A majority of the bloggers have picked this one up and declared their side - either it is the next big thing, or another hype creator. I'm stuck smack dab in the middle regarding The 5th Wave. The dystopia was great, bust some of the characters rubbed me the wrong way.This book is very dystopian-y - scavenging for food, loss of human life, trust issues, etc etc. I am a complete sucker for the hardships the human race would face if our society completely broke down. That certain element of the book hooked me from the start. Sadly, I felt that the alien's presence was completely unremarkable. It seemed that this was a novel written for the sake of writing for this genre with no clear purpose or explanation. Luckily, I'm pretty forgiving in this department. I'll save my overall judgement until we get to the last book. I'm wondering if there is a clear explanation for the cloak-and-dagger approach to the Others.Character wise: this is where the war raged for me. I'll be open - I could have done without Cassie. Cassie was a no-go for me, and while I didn’t flat out loathe her towards the end, I sure never did care about her,and I am still not a huge fan. Evan was a creepy stalker and I had no warm feelings for him. He was weird and very clingy. I don't do clingy and creepy. The instalove was painful to read as well. It wasn't even disguised as a real relationship. It was flat out instant love - young adult female reading porn. Cute, heartbroken guy with a secret falling for a mediocre teen girl. No, thank you.Zombie, Sammy and Ringer – that was the absolute best part of the story for my own taste. Watching Zombie grow and develop was wonderful, and I seemed to understand and care for Ringer more than Cassie. Zombie's dilemma and his drive touched my heart. It seems that I attached myself to the wrong storyline, since these characters were not even mentioned in the summary. It did mirror Ender's Game, but it added a whole new dimension, and the humanity of the this other secondary plot was so endearing, I ripped through that section very quickly.In the end, I did like the personal development, but the alien aspect seemed very removed from the story. I understood what they were, but it seemed a lot of jibber about the aliens, and we never got to really know them, or understand them. Is it worth the hype? Maybe. Will I read the sequel? More than likely. I'm not a rabid fan, but I believe that there might be something wonderful in store for this series.