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Girl of Nightmares (Anna, #2)

Girl of Nightmares (Anna, #2) - Kendare Blake Rating: 3.5/5I felt that I had been waiting for this book to be published for a long time. I wish I had received it better, since I offered physical body parts to get my hands on this book.Girl of Nightmares plunges us back into Cas Lowood's settling lifestyle mere months after the events in Anna Dressed in Blood. For the first third of the book, everyone tells Cas to move on, get over it, suck it up and let it be. Cas and Crew do fight one ghost baddie, and then Cas cuts out for a solo mission. During this entire span, Anna is creeping back into his thoughts and his dreams, driving him to the brink of his sanity. Carmel and Thomas engage in their own "I love you but we can't do this" romance while Cas attempts to unravel Anna's mysterious visits. Our boy Cas isn't easily sated, which prompts a visit to an old Finnish witch. From this point, badass ghost plot picks up. Cas and Co. perform a Ouji-inspired trip to the other side of living, contact Anna, and discovers that the Voodoo man, Cas's father's killer and tormentor of ghostly girlfriends, is still alive and kicking. To add fuel to the flames, Cas receives a picture of his mentor, Gideon, decked out in cult threads with other athames. Determined to find answers, Cas and Thomas fly off across the ocean to London.Once they arrive safely, Cas comes up against Jestine, a firey girl who claims to be Gideon’s niece, as a cover. When Cas begins to become steeped into the dark secrets surrounding the athame, he and Jess begin to develop a heated antagonist relationship.There were some creepy moments in this book. When the book opened, Cas and friends battle a slasher-type ghoul. And everyone’s unified horror during the suicide forest is well worth the warnings. Seriously, this book tops the creepy aspect compared to Anna. That is about the only portion which Girl of Nightmares tops Anna. The teeny-bopper angst and drama wore very thin on my nerves. The first half of the book was simply spent reading how everyone told Cas to pick himself up and get the hell over it. The last 15% of the book was wonderful. Tying up the series, creating the perfect solution to the Jestine issue, and helping Cas find closure helped me enjoy the finale, but overall, Girl of Nightmares felt like a bloated grab at the series-happy literature plaguing the market at the moment.